Enough! Stop dealing in human trafficking

Article by Mauricio Castillo Cortés,
 Province of Bolivia/Chile.

Under the slogan "Enough! Stop dealing in human trafficking" and the hashtag #findelatrata (in English, #endhumantrafficking), the Province of Bolivia/Chile celebrated another year of the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, together with the entire Congregation and global international organizations.

As part of the celebration of the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, the Province's Justice and Peace Office, directed by Karimme Muñoz, created several advocacy initiatives on this issue. To mark the event, among other initiatives, infographics, videos of the sisters and laity, student art, moments of prayer, and Good Shepherd Position Paper extracts were created and shared through the website and social networks.  Awareness-raising focused on two points of view: the first was to learn about the concept of this serious scourge and how to approach it, and the second was a way to raise awareness among the general population.

During times of pandemic, face-to-face becomes virtual ...


Sr. Winifred Doherty shared her experience of human trafficking.

On July 30, the international day proclaimed by a United Nations General Assembly resolution approved on December 18, 2013, a webinar event took place to close these days of celebration in which Sr. Winifred Doherty, the Congregation's representative at the UN, was invited to share her experience about the theme.

Sr. Winifred spoke about some of the general issues concerning human trafficking and then addressed how the Congregation approaches this work through networking on an international level. In addition, she provided some insight on how to respond on a regional level and on the importance of the Good Shepherd Position Paper. At the end of the presentation, broadcast via Facebook Live with simultaneous translation into Spanish, Sr. Winifred answered questions from the audience about the above.

The day closed with a moment of gratitude and prayer prepared by the Province's Spirituality Center.

Karimme Muñoz told us that "for Sr.  Winifred's presentation, we were able for her to focus on the points of view that we proposed, which concerned the impact and illegality of human trafficking, as well as to highlight how the Congregation proposes a course of action to combat it.

She continued to say that "I'm also happy about the preparation we undertook as a team, given the highly engaged audience we had throughout the presentation, as well as the large turnout, which was noticeable through the questions. It invites us to carry out information and awareness-raising activities about the work carried out by the Congregation in its various areas," concluded the director of the Justice and Peace Office.

Karimme Muñoz, director of the Justice and Peace Office, thanked Sr. Winifred for her generosity, commitment and preparation.

We give thanks to Sr. Winifred for sharing her rich experience on this theme to all the sisters, laity and Partners in Mission who helped us share the information, to those who took part in the videos and to those who accompanied us in our various online activities.