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NGO Highlights 2004

2004 some highlights 

The UN
  • Copes with reform and implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG)
  • Copes with Response to Global Terrorism       


The NGO office 

  • Presents on Prostitution/Trafficking at :                                    

Franciscan gathering, Albany, NY;
Gonzaga U., Spokane, WA;
Aquinas HS, New York;
St John’s U, New York;
NY military Lawyers;
Notre Dame Congregation, New York
Seton Hall U, New Jersey
World Social Forum, Mumbai, India

  • Visits the Province of India
  • Attends and participates at the World Social Forum WSF Mumbai, India  Attends and presents at the GS Latin America 150th anniversary, Valparaiso, Chile          
  • Presents to North America Global Justice days on Global Spirituality, New York
  • Presents to Canadian Service Providers, Winnipeg, Canada, Reconciliation 
  • Supports a workshop presentation by GS Mediation, Philadelphia at UN Commission on Status of Women  
  • Supports a GS NGO speaker Luis Rodriguez, Venezuela on the role of men and boys sponsored by the UN 
  • Supports the direct voice of an indigenous girl at the Permanent Forum on Indigenous, whose theme is the girl-child. 
  • Submits 2nd GS NGO Quadrennial report to ECOSOC


Images in 2004


Visitors to NGO Office





Sabina of the Congregational Leadership Team

 Anne from Australia, Christophora from Germany  

 North American Leadership: Aline Bertrand , Yvette Arnold, Barbara Beasley and Jacqueline Doyon.                       
 Korean students learning about Women's Rights


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