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Armed with ‘new wine in new wineskins’, we met in our respective communities to share on how this practical Resurrection Experience would continue to be concrete in  our living, after the workshop.
It gave us an opportunity to share with each other on our personal strengths and the challenges as we continue this growing process.

Though initially we were fearful  that we would possibly be unable to move on and may relapse to ‘square one’ (where we were before the workshop), we were  convinced that with each one of us (24) in the unit having made at least one step forward, the journey will continue forward.
The closing session, “as we go back, I bring with me”… spoke to each person of our desire to be in the process of transformation and the joy and hope of this experience - a   renewed sense of belonging to each other and to the congregation, a deepened sense of co-responsibility and ownership of the Unit’s life had been re-born.
We are aware that it will take the participation of each of us to build the Unit that we dream of…
As we share this with you a few weeks have passed since the experience, and truly, we are reaping some fruits as we continue to learn how to communicate and be involved in Journeying Together in Mission.

Many thanks to our facilitators, Susan and Elaine for bringing about this participative leadership programme and the effective way of weaving the experience of transformation, to say the least.

Thanks to the Unit Leadership Team for dreaming the experience since 2008 and implementing it. Thanks to all of us for the courage and creative participation of each during the workshop. Let us continue to be united to nurture our New Born…

Pauline Njura and Catherine Mutindi.
Kenya Unit