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25 years of shepherding in Kenya

25 years of shepherding in Kenya



Good Shepherd News May 2006


Inside the church, Sr. Flora Nyawira invited Sr. Paulina, the sector leader,  who welcomed  all the guests to the celebration. Among the guests were two members of Congregational Leadership Team, Sr. Eliene and Sr. Elaine,  RIMOA representatives, Sr. Carmel from Senegal, Sr. Maria from Sudan and Sr. Mary James from Ethiopia. Sr. Paulina also gave a brief explanation of our work in Kenya. Thus; helping the most marginalized women girls and children. She then invited  Bishop Salesius Mugambi, of the Diocese of Meru to welcome the Nuncio and invited him to begin  the Holy Mass. 
The Apostolic Nuncio congratulated us for the 25 years of presence in Kenya. At the same time, he reminded us that, the celebration does not mean the accomplishment of the mission in Kenya, but another beginning. He stressed that our mission is not a easy one. It is a mission of helping people to fight with sin apart from the provision of social welfare services. A mission which will make us dispised like Christ as many will say “who are these women? “how can they associate with such people? (referring to our apostolate).

 Bishop Salesius Mugambi also congratulated us and assured us of his support. He expressed it in few words. “You are here to stay”, he said. With the same spirit, he expressed his joy to receive our contemplative sisters in his diocese. He gave his blessing that we may grow and spread to other places where we are needed especially the neighbouring countries.

 After the Eucharistic celebration, everyone was welcomed to Kambakia for lunch. The jubilee cake was cut by the Nuncio, bishop Mugambi and the sector council. We took our lunch as a family with our friends and the children under our care. After lunch, the visitors were to leave at the own time.

 The Sector of Kenya was especially grateful to all the religious women, the priests, the staff  and the lay people who supported us with their prayers and material goods and to these who joined them in the celebrations.

 Sr. Lucy Kanjira



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