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Scholarships for 37 girls in Kangeta Village Good Shepherd Sisters – Province of Kenya

“Thanks to the sponsorship, more and more smiles and hopes appear on the young girls’ faces. The older girls are doing very well and a better future is now shaping for them. The new girls are very needy but very interested in school. Some have missed a chance for education because their brothers were given the available money for education. Others have reached where they are only through their own efforts without parents paying for school fees. Others have been in our crises centres and it appeared that education would give them a better solution to their problems”. Sr Lucy Kanjira, project coordinator.

The sponsorship program has been launched 3 years ago by  the Mission Development Office.
In 2007, 11 girls were selected to benefit from a Scholarship to continue their education.
In 2008, 12 girls were involved in the Scholarship program.
In 2009,14 girls were selected to join the scholarship program and they are supposed to begin in 2010.

This scholarship program offers the girls the opportunity to go to good schools, which are boarding schools, and study in very good conditions. Indeed, the scholarship pays for the school fees which includes housing, uniforms, books, food, treatment when needed, or in other words everything the girls need to focus only on their studies.  
The sponsored girls have been selected on two main criteria which are: their social situation (family income, family situation…) and their previous school results. Through home visits and casual discussions the sisters also tried to determine which girls were the most willing to go back to school and the most likely to succeed, so that the program would be more effective.