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How can RGS submit project proposals?

If your ministry has a particular necessity, you may need funding to develop a project that fulfils this need. The MDO can help you in writing the project and finding financial support.

Let's discover how, step-by-step:

  • Read carefully the Guidelines and the Action Plan 2007-2009 and determine if the objective of your project falls under (at least) one of the "Leading Objectives".
  • Download the Project Proposal Form at the bottom of this page or contact the Mission Development Office via e-mail, telephone or fax to cristina.d@gssweb.org, Tel. (39) 06 6617 9131 - Fax (39) 06 6641 8864. Forms are available in electronic form in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese and must be completed in one of these languages.
  • Complete the electronic form describing carefully the problems that you want to tackle, the general goal that you wish to reach, the specific purposes you intend to fulfil, the activities that you intend to develop, and the concrete results that you expect to obtain at the end of the project.
  • Provide an estimate of the project costs and fill in the Budget Form.
  • Collect supporting documents: letter of the Bishop or of the local Bishop's Conference (if needed), other letters of endorsement, last financial statement of your organisation, etc.
  • If you encounter problems in filling in the forms, contact the MDO.
  • Send your proposal via e-mail. E-mail to: mission.development@gssweb.org
  • The original form printed on letterhead paper and signed and the original supporting documents should be posted to:

Mission Development Office
Casa Generalizia Suore del Buon Pastore
Via Raffaello Sardiello, 20
00165 Roma, Italia
Tel. (39) 06 6617 9131 - Fax (39) 06 6641 8864

In general, if the project proposal is accepted by the funding agency, the MDO may ask you for further information and documentation.