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North East Asia

Hong Kong South Korea -

Taiwan - Macau

Province Leadership Team of North East Asia
From left to right, Sitting: Sr. Melania Jung, Sr. Marie Jean Bae (Province Leader)
Standing: Sr. Martha Park, Sr. Juliana Lee, Sr. Stella Rhee

Fax: + 82 (33) 261 4618

Good Shepherd Asia Pacific website

The China District includes Taiwan, Hong Kong,South Korea, Macau and China. The China District Office is in Hong Kong. Since 1951, the Good Shepherd Sisters have opened several schools and residential centres in Hong Kong. Pelletier Hall and then Pelletier School were established in 1951; Marycove Centre and Marycove School in 1968; Morning Star Hostel in 1972; Our Lady's Hostel in 1974 and Choi Wan Hostel in 1979. The services still under the direction of the Good Shepherd Sisters are Marycove Centre and Marycove School, Our Lady's Hostel and Choi Wan Hostel.

Hong Kong - South Korea - Taiwan - Macau

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