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“Oh, my God!
What are we doing in this world, why are we here if not to contribute
to the salvation of our neighbor?”

St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier

The mission of the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd is to be a presence of Jesus, the Good Shepherd by:

  • approaching each person as He would with compassion, gentleness, acceptance, and respect

  • awakening in those wounded by injustice, oppression and alienation a deep sense of their infinite worth and dignity as persons and instilling in them a hope for the future.

  • serving others in the context of the family and the society in which they live. Programs are especially directed towards girls and women to help them experience a sense of belonging and to grow toward their full potential as persons. Developing relationships with persons is essential to helping them bring about change in their lives.

  • bringing the liberating love of Jesus the Good Shepherd to others through prayer

  • witnessing to the power of God’s mercy by being united with all people in their need for reconciliation.

  • promoting justice and peace in a world disturbed by sin and conflict by changing systems and structures which condemn some to live marginal lives

Through our vowed lives lived in community,

the apostolic Sisters of the Good Shepherd minister to a diversity of persons including:

  • youth in crisis

  • single mothers

  • the homeless

  • abused women and children

  • women who are victims of trafficking

  • families in need of counselling

  • recipients of parish outreach

  • those in prison

  • women recovering from prostitution

the Contemplative Sisters of the Good Shepherd

  • support the ministries of the apostolic Sisters through a hidden life of intense prayer

  • support themselves through baking, sewing and artistic activities