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In 2001, when I said “Yes” to the Lord, “come, draw on the blank pages of my life,” I did not imagine such a drawing. Since that time my “Yes” has followed me because the Lord has unceasingly asked me to renew my “Yes.” Syrian by birth, I have been in France for some twenty years and a French citizen for ten years. After choosing the Good Shepherd Congregation because of an attraction to its work with women and children, I wanted to return to my country to serve in this apostolate. Instead, my consecration sent me to Lyon to be with families and women from Iraq, Sudan, and other refugees in... more
Pope Francis denounced the "cruelty" prevailing in Syria, where “so many parties are involved in the conflict, each bent on seeking its own interests and not the freedom and well-being of the people.” The pope said, “Where there is no tenderness, there is cruelty and what is unfolding in Syria is a ‘workshop’ of cruelty.” During the audience which took place November 17 at the Vatican Clementine Hall, a man from Aleppo, Syria, thanked the pope for his encouragement and underlined the importance of the church's presence in the Arab-Islamic world. The pope told his audience that a “revolution... more
Angers France 6 th to 23 rd August 2016 “Building a New Covenant Community of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd in Africa, Isles and middle East” To each of my sisters gathered in Angers on 6 th -23 rd August 2016; From Our Region (Africa, Isles and Middle East), and all the facilitators, translators from different places. I take this opportunity on behalf of the RIMOA Unit Leaders, and on my behalf, to extend a warm welcome to all our participants to this session. A special welcome to each one of you and a note to all the sisters from our region for whom this session has brought them... more