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One year after the 150th anniversary of the death of St. Mary Euphrasia, the Sisters of the International Community and the Sisters of the Site in the Mother House gave thanks to the Lord…. “What are we doing in this world and why are we here, if not to contribute to the salvation of persons” S.M.E. On the 24th of April 2018 the whole Congregation celebrated the 150th anniversary of the death of St. Mary Euphrasia and to commemorate this occasion the spirituality Centre sent to the Provinces a third reflection with the theme “Our Mission is alive today” with the request that each Province at... more
offering systemic and innovative approaches to shape an evolving society From Community Works, INC Website By Mark Clarke Society needs transformative communities that seek the common good, as the rhetoric and choices of many nations is becoming more tribal. Transformative communities are imperative because they embody the spiritual journey of incarnation or relationships with the resurrection or transcendence. This collective spiritual journey is critical in a world of both advancement and struggling with cultural identity. These communities are called to live Teilhard de Chardin’s words, “... more
Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd European Project With the ongoing migration discussions still at the top of the European agenda and the need to strengthen collaboration, awareness and learning across OLCGS apostolates in Europe, this Gathering was organised in the frame of the European Project in collaboration with the Province of Italy-Malta (especially the apostolate in Palermo), who hosted the participants with great generosity and warmth. The Gathering took place in Sicily for 3 days, as a chosen spot for a learning visits (Palermo and Catania), as well as a relevant spot for... more
We are connected, like branches to the tree. We all walk the planet, let’s walk with dignity. No matter our color, no matter our creed. All of us are gifted and all of us we need . (Chris Skinner) INTERNATIONAL MOTHER EARTH DAY – 22 APRIL Celebrating with Aguchita and our Position Papers “The world is God’s wonderful creation. Humans have the task of shaping it and preserving it. Concern for “Mother Earth” is not among the many questions, but the essential issue to the planet’s survival!” Prayer Network for April 2019 - more
Dear Sisters and Mission Partners, The Congregation continues to be blessed with many wonderful sisters and lay partners who have developed the mission, deepen our spirituality and our understanding of justice and peace. In the past few days, we have celebrated the life of two women who are models for us. Srs. Marie-Francoise Le Brizaut and Delia Rodríguez came from different parts of the world and cultures. They had a variety of skills that seemed so different and yet they came together as they were rooted in the same spiritual heritage and mission- to live the love of God for all people... more
This vision catapults the collective body to meet a critical social need by creating a culture and collaborative network to achieve an inspirational dream. These dreams are historically generated by a small cohort of people who passionately believe in a world not yet imagined. Today, transformative communities are the catalyst in a world struggling to form groups that seek solutions for the common good. This reality is even more imperative as we move into an intercultural and interconnected world. There is a tendency to see natural catastrophes, poverty, and immigration as the issue. The more... more
Wells of Hope is the latest project to be unveiled by Talitha Kum – an international network against trafficking in human persons.In 2009 the International Union of Superiors’ General (UISG) in Rome founded the organization to serve as a platform for collaboration, cooperation and exchange of information. Among the goals of Talitha Kum is the development and improvement of anti-trafficking activities carried out by consecrated persons in the various countries of the world, across the five continents. Since 2016, the focus has moved towards the Middle East, a region that has become a... more
But when the right time came, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law (Gal 4, 4) By F. Camilo Bernal, Eudist For John Eudes the Incarnation constitutes the basis for realizing the states and mysteries of Jesus. Without the Incarnation there would be no mystery of the holy infancy of Jesus, his cross, his Resurrection, nor his Heart. This underlines the centrality of the mystery of the Incarnation in Eudist spirituality. Using theological language, very close to the academic, St John Eudes expresses the essence of the mystery of the Incarnation in this way: "Hypostatically united... more
Good Shepherd Institute for Mission Non–Violence from a Good Shepherd Perspective Sr. Claudia Palacios Lately I have been thinking a lot about how to be more aware of the gift that we as Good Shepherd Sisters and Good Shepherd People have in regard to our Good Shepherd Spirituality as it relates to the topic of non-violence. Naturally, I have turned to St. Mary Euphrasia. Mary Euphrasia is certainly a good model of non-violence for us. She herself experienced the consequences of war and violent events in her life, such as the sudden death of her father, separation from her family,... more
Annual Meeting of the Rimoa Leaders Choubra - EGYPT 17 to 22 September 2018 The Congregation was founded in Egypt in1845 during the leadership of St. Mary Euphrasia. We stayed and had our meeting in Choubra Convent which was founded in 1859. You can imagine the joy we felt being in the land of Pharaoh with our sisters. We began our meeting with a time given for personal reflections and conversations. Every year, we choose a theme of more in-depth sharing on the realities of our units. This year, it was about the Formation: initial and ongoing formation in our different units. Over the next... more