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Following on last week’s presentation on the Creation Story and the Principles of the Universe, we continued reflecting on and examining the roles of both science and religion with regard to the story of creation. Sr. Mary Ellen Sheehan IHM explained that there are three approaches as to how science and religion relate to each other: ● conflict and suspicion between science and religion ● Each discipline works separately disregarding the discoveries of each other. ● co-relating – in relationship and in dialogue, both enrich each other. This approach is more commonly experienced today. In that... more
This week we experienced our presenters, Monica Brown and Hilary Musgrave together with Sr. Brigid and Sr. Angela, creatively led us to reflect on the story of creation and the principles of the universe. With the help of music song and dance, we were invited to open our hearts and minds to the beauty of creation and to the wonder of our ever-expanding universe. We were gently led through a reflection on creation as told in Genesis and we recalled other creation stories and myths remembering that they hold a truth for us. We then moved, through video and song, to the amazing love story of God... more
Believers, open to the revelations springing forth from science and cosmology, affirm and celebrate that the Heart of God, source of Creation, is the Center and Force of the Universe. The Heartbeat of God infuses and penetrates all of Creation. Believers within a variety of faith traditions listen for God’s heartbeat in prayer, faith sharing, in conversations with spiritual companions, friends and colleagues. Bird songs, rustling leaves, rapid waves, whispering winds, and countless other murmuring sounds in nature proclaim the glory of God (Psalm 19). Listening for God’s Heartbeat includes... more
Led by Sr. Ellen Kelly carrying a lighted lantern, accompanied by Sr. Zelna on the drum, the participants processed from the garden to the meeting room, full of hope and expectancy, the strains of the gathering song “God Delights in You” (Monica Brown) echoing in their ears. The session had officially begun. The meeting room was colorfully decorated with a large heart at the centre, where each sister was invited to place a smaller heart expressing her blessings for the session. Participants come from 20 Units, more than 27 counties in all In her address to the group, Sr. Ellen recalled that... more
The hot topic on the minds of the Good Shepherd family is the separation of immigrant children from their parents at the U.S. border. Hundreds of "freedom warriors" from border states began rallying at the detention camps in Tornillo, Texas, in late June. Their aim has been to show the nation that people will not stand for the deportation force. The rallies have been in response to the deportation force's detention of over 1,500 minors. This is President Donald Trump's latest executive order. It allows for the separation of families across the country and increased interior enforcement... more
Greetings from the International Committees (IC)! The 3 International Committees (IC) met in Rome from 11-15 June for the 3 rd time. The goal of the meeting was to create a report and recommendations from the data gathered from the Conversation Circles of the 5 regions, regarding Community for mission, Formation and Full engagement of Partnership. We gratefully appreciate your support and commitment towards the implementation of the Conversation Circles with sisters and mission partners in your own Units. More detailed information will be shared with you in July by the International... more
“Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world. All things break. And all things can be mended. Not with time, as they say, but with intention. So go. Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally. The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you.” L. R. Knost Dear Sisters and Mission Partners, Your Congregational Chapter Planning Committee has completed the first small step of the long and exciting journey through the ICA’s into our 31 st Congregational Chapter. We are privileged and graced in this sacred time to glean from you the treasures, hopes, dreams and desires to... more
Inter-cultural community- the reality! Sr. Christine Burke, IBVM Christine Burke is an IBVM (Loreto) sister who entered religious life in the exciting years of Vatican II. Her ministry has been mainly in adult faith education and tertiary theological education, followed by some time in leadership of the province of Australia, Vietnam and Timor Leste.The last four years she has lived in Manila, in community with young sisters from China, Korea and USA, who are studying theology. She is also involved in some teaching and facilitation work for novices and other congregations. Sr. Christine... more
The community of Senegal in process of drawing up the strategic plan Since Monday 21, while the country was still vibrating to the rhythm of the National Pilgrimage at the foot of Our Lady of the Deliverance of Popenguine, Simone and Marco de GSIF arrived to work some days on the strategic plan of our community. Tuesday was planned for communities’ visit, not too distant to facilitate the integration of Marco because Simone had already visited the Communities in December 2017. The days from Wednesday to Friday, saw the participation of all the Sisters to live this process of strategic... more