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The community of Senegal in process of drawing up the strategic plan Since Monday 21, while the country was still vibrating to the rhythm of the National Pilgrimage at the foot of Our Lady of the Deliverance of Popenguine, Simone and Marco de GSIF arrived to work some days on the strategic plan of our community. Tuesday was planned for communities’ visit, not too distant to facilitate the integration of Marco because Simone had already visited the Communities in December 2017. The days from Wednesday to Friday, saw the participation of all the Sisters to live this process of strategic... more
“Transformational leadership is a way of being leaders arising out of the depths of the wisdom within eachof us ……” Phillip Pinto cfc From the 04 th to the 13 th of March 2018, a session was held on Formation for New Leadership Teams. The Units of Eastern Central Africa, Singapore/Malaysia, South Africa and South West India, consisting of 21 participants gathered at the Generalate in Rome. This session was organized by the CLT in response to the call by the 30th Congregational Chapter Direction Statement in recognizing that “ Leadership now and into the future requires preparation and... more
“Transformational leadership is a way of being leaders arising out of the depths of the wisdom within each of us, a wisdom that allows others the space and opportunity to transform their own lives.” (30 th Congregational Chapter Direction Statement) In response to the call by the Congregational Leadership Team, 7 new Unit Leadership teams from Montreal, Europe-BFMN, Lebanon-Syria, Central South US, Austria/Schweiz/Czech, New York-Toronto and West Africa, gathered in Rome from 14-23 February for a session together. “Leadership now and into the future requires preparation and training” (30 th... more
To offer a saint to be named a Doctor of the Church is to offer richness and a reference point for the life of the baptized. In offering St. John Eudes, we wish to highlight a saint who, in difficult times of disunity and uncertainty, worked for the renewal of Christian life; a saint who, through the powerful image of the heart, has opened a practical spiritual path whereby a baptized person, following Mary, is invited to “form Jesus in him/her. The recognition of St. John Eudes as a Doctor of the Church would place in the mainstream the valuable school of French spirituality which has... more
Testimonies of the Congregational Spirituality Centre team As is the custom every year, the Congregational Spirituality Centre organizes an exhibition of cribs given by communities from different countries all around the world. This year, we chose to work on the theme “Migrants-Refugees”, a crucial topic. Our inspiration came, after the Gospel, from the message of the Pope Francis for the world day of migrants and refugees 2018. Our common work has been inspired by four key words which appear in his speech: to welcome, to protect, to promote and to integrate. This exhibition permitted to... more
“ I hope for a growth in communion between the members of different Institutes. Might this Year be an occasion for us to step out more courageously from the confines of our respective Institutes and to work together, at the local and global levels, on projects involving formation, evangelization, and social action? This would make for a more effective prophetic witness. Communion and the encounter between different charisms and vocations can open up a path of hope. No one contributes to the future in isolation, by his or her efforts alone, but by seeing himself or herself as part of a true... more
IN THIS YEAR 2018 The lamp in the Oratory of St. Mary Euphrasia at the Mother House burns for the intentions of the Congregation. JANUARY 01-06 Peace in the World 07-13 Congregational Leadership Team 14-20 Central South US 21-27 All participants in our ministries 28-03 Peru FEBRUARY 04-10 Eastern Central Africa (Kenya, Congo, South Sudan, Uganda) 11-17 Italy-Malta 18-24 North Mexico 25-03 Indonesia MARCH 04-10 West Africa (Senegal, Burkina Faso) 11-17 Intentions of Pope Francis 18-24 New York-Toronto 25-31 Europe-BFMN (Belgium, France, Hungary, Netherlands) APRIL 01-07 Southeast Latin America... more
On November 11 we started, I think we can call this session, the way of "transformation by the Spirit" . In response to the call of the Congregational Leadership Team, we have gathered the Leadership Teams of 6 Provinces: Angola, Central America, Colombo Venezolana, Ecuador, Portugal and Southeast Latin America. The symbol of the meeting has helped us to deepen the experience of being leaders at the present time. Like the butterfly, which, starting from being a caterpillar goes through a complete transformation process until it reaches the flying stage, we have been invited to become aware of... more